What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is a disorder that makes a person extreme fear in social situation. This condition can interfere with their home life, dating, work and general social life.

What can be done to Help one selves

Try to understand the root cause of the social anxiety. This anxiety can make us overly pessimistic and overly negative about one selves. Most people that suffer with social anxiety have the tendency to just stay on their comfort zone and not explore outside so that they try to prevent any form of negative outcomes. Generally avoiding and try any form of trying not to be noticed but blended into the background

Systematically observe their anxiety and their trigger points, majority of the people that are socially anxious tend to become socially focused and tend to not concentrate on situations around themselves.

Its best to keep a log of every situation, what triggers what situation they are afraid of and what was the outcome

They need to challenge oneself and evaluate if their prediction was correct or not.

A socially anxious person tends to be overly critical of themselves, in hindsight people like them more than they think. Challenging oneself every day and putting themselves into these social situations will mean that they will have less fear

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