Natural and Effective Methods of Treating Hemorrhoids

Do you feel the painful lump on your butt? Did you discover blood on the toilet? This does not mean you’ve got cancer but a swollen vein due to hemorrhoids. You’re relieved because it is not life threatening but you want to know how to treat hemorrhoids.

It is essential to know how you can treat hemorrhoids to avoid interfering your daily normal activities. The pain and itchiness can annoy you. There’s a tendency you will feel exhausted and mentally depressed. Women who are experiencing this condition will definitely avoid sex.

First, find the cause of your hemorrhoids and stop it. Treating hemorrhoids is useless if you allow recreation of itself. Constipation is the primary factor of hemorrhoids. Relieve constipation by eating high-fiber diet and taking stool softeners. Drink lots of proper beverages too. Avoid sitting or standing for long hours. Instead, you exercise regularly.

After reducing the factors of hemorrhoids causes, you should treat the hemorrhoids itself. There are 2 treatments you can choose: a) take away the symptoms (burning, pain, itching) and b) cure the hemorrhoids. You can apply and use one of all these: topical creams, use suppositories or other preparation such as Anusol, Preparation H, and witch-hazel compresses to eliminate itching.

You possibly can alleviate rectal swelling and itching through sitz baths. Sitz bath is soaking the anal region in warm magnesium sulfate solution or by applying the solution as compresses to the anus. You mix half a cup magnesium sulfate and water.

Once a rectal pain is intense and unbearable, you can alleviate the pain through oral painkillers, including narcotics. Heavy rectal bleeding can be stopped through an injection of 5% phenol directly into the affected vein. You should let your doctor administer this.

If the above treatments do not work, you may decide to undergo sugery. Rubber band ligation is the most typical hemorrhoid surgery. If files are smaller, you can undergo infrared photocoagulation wherein the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off. It’s also possible to undergo hemorrhoidectomy if thrombosed hemorrhoids is causing excessive rectal bleeding.

Thirdly, you need to know that there are cheaper, yet more effective natural methods you can use to treat hemorrhoid. There’s a compilation of natural treatment for hemorrhoids you can try.

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