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When you book a holiday to Dubai, there is no chance that you will be bored as there are so many things to do in this exciting destination.

Dubai – The Facts

Dubai feels somewhat like an independent city state, but it is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is the most progressive and modern and it has grown into a high end luxury destination famous for towering skyscrapers, futuristic shopping malls and over the top opulence.

As it is surrounded by the Arabian Desert, Dubai is a very warm destination all year round. During your visit, remember that while the city is very modern it also still upholds conservative traditional religious beliefs so you should refrain from public displays of affection or consumption of alcohol.

Things to Do in Dubai

There are so many interesting attractions to explore during your visit to Dubai, such as:

  • BurjKhalifa – This amazing tower is the tallest building in the world and you can rocket up to the top in seconds on the world’s fastest lift. The view from the top is so high that you can see the curve of the earth, it’s truly stunning.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk – This is a lovely development that was only built in recent years and features stunning architecture, luxurious cafes and bars and plenty of glitzy high end hotels.
  • Dubai Fountains- This is a great free attraction that you must see while you are in Dubai. These impressive fountains are located at the base of the BurjKhalifa and they light up at night and dance to a range of musical selections including Swahili music, Arab dance numbers and Italian opera.
  • Dubai Creek – Take a ride on an abra (boat) down Dubai Creek. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city.

Dubai Desert Safari

Going on a desert safari is one of the most memorable and exciting experiences that you can have in Dubai. You will experience a thrilling drive that will take you through the Arabian sand dunes and to a Bedouin camp. You will enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner in the heart of the desert and will have a chance to ride a camel or enjoy sand surfing. It’s a travel experience that you will never forget.

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London consistently features in the polls of the top places to visit in the world. The reason why this is the case is because the city has so much to offer. It ticks all of the boxes. There are plenty of tourist attractions. The city is steeped in history, culture, architecture and natural beauty. There are a whole host of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. You can relax in one of the gorgeous parks. The options on offer are vast and this is one of the reasons why London appeals to all different types of people. This, and the fact that there are lots of cheap flights to London in the current day.

If you are an older couple looking to visit London then it is unlikely that the first thing on your to-do list is to hit one of the city’s nightclubs. So, where are the places you are most likely to enjoy when spending a vacation in England’s capital city? Well, one of the great things about London is the wealth of museums the area plays host to. The selection on offer is varied yet all of them are assured to provide you with an interesting and exciting day out. Here are some of the best museums in London which you should definitely consider incorporating into your trip:

  • British Museum – This is one of the oldest museums in the entire world. From the Rosetta Stone, to the mummies, to the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial; you will need a whole day here to witness all of the marvellous displays.
  • V & A – If you are an art lover then you simply cannot visit London without taking a trip to V & A. this museum houses a truly magnificent collection of decorative art. The British Galleries 1500 – 1900 are a particular highlight.
  • Natural History museum – This museum contains over 70 million specimens of mineral, plant, rock, animal and fossil. That’s right; 70 million!!!

Most museums in London are free. However, you don’t need to spend your whole time exploring museums in order to have a fun filled holiday on the cheap. There are lots of free things to do whilst in the city. You can take a trip to Somerset House. This Georgian building is a vision; elegance at its finest. If you are looking for an unusual day out then the Barbican Centre can provide this. From hidden gardens to baffling walkways; there is nowhere else like it. St Bride’s Church is another place you may want to add to your list. The church dates back to 1672 and its famous steeple is actually believe to have inspired the first tiered wedding cake. Or what about the British Library? Quirky yet brilliant!

So there you have it; if London appeals to you then there are plenty of fantastic things to do to make sure you get the most from your trip without having to spend a lot of money. The only thing left to do is find cheap flights. Luckily, that’s not difficult either. Flight Centre Singapore is your number one travel agency for the best airfare deals to London. They can help you organise your trip as well if you would like to take advantage of their free personal consultants.

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