Before attending a Precious Metal Events party at a friend’s house, I admit I was a bit skeptical about selling my gold. It was my first experience and I had no idea what it would be like and to my surprise, I found it to be one of the most enjoyable parties I went to.

What makes it even better is that I was able to bring home some $$$. The owner, Kristin Swiers was friendly and patient when I asked questions. I was so comfortable with the experience that I wanted to host the party and share the experience with my friends. We were all happy that we got to earn money for our unwanted gold that was sitting in our drawers for years.

I would recommend this over going to a jewelry store to sell gold because of the warmth and comfort of being in a home with friends. The experience of being excited with friends over earning $$ makes it worthwhile to attend a Precious Metal Events party!

– Kathy Greene
  Fremont, CA

As co-chair for Berkeley Buddhist Temple’s Centennial celebration in October, I was very pleased with how easy and productive it was to have Kristin’s Precious Metal Events fundraiser. Everyone is so busy these days, but with minimal publicity and a dedicated group, we were able to raise over $3700 in about one hour with just sixteen participants! 

This was absolutely one of the easiest fundraisers we have ever held! We are so grateful that Kristin urged us to do this while the price of gold was most profitable. We are going to hold another event in April to give more of our temple members the opportunity to participate. Thank you, Kristin, for bringing your services to us! 

–  Emiko Katsumoto, Centennial Co-chair
   Berkeley, CA

I decided to have a gold party and had heard wonderful things about Precious Metal Events. After lots of research I realized that PME paid out the highest dollar amount for gold. From my first conversation with Kristin I was very impressed. She was professional, enthusiastic and seemed to know her business inside and out. The night of my event went beautifully. Kristin and her team went above and beyond anything that I could have expected. Not only were they knowledgeable about, gold and its value but they were not there simply to make money.

I had a few friends that were unsure if they should part with a piece of jewelry. Kristin and her team never put pressure on anyone to sell anything. In fact, one of my friends was told that they could probably make more money from their coin if they took it to a coin collector. My friends left the party with much more money than they ever expected to make!”

– Lyssa Butler
  Walnut Creek, CA

I own a small day spa in Danville. Every year our holiday open house would not be complete without the participation of Precious Metal Events.

Kristin and her staff are very friendly and professional, and add a fun element to our party. She is knowledgeable on the current pricing of gold, and welcomes our questions with enthusiasm. She is honest and very informative as to the value of each piece of jewelry, so that a guest may make the choice of whether to sell. All of my guests were thrilled with the money they received for their old, unworn and broken pieces of gold jewelry which had been sitting in their drawer for years. The parties are really fun, and I would highly recommend Precious Metal Events for your fundraiser or event!

Debbie Lindsay/ Owner
Kure Wellness Retreat

I have worked with Precious Metal Events on several different occasions and in different capacities. My first experience was as a guest at a “Precious Metal Event, gold party”. I was so pleased and excited with the money I received for my gold I decided to host a party for my friends. Again, Kristin and Tran were amazing! My friends were thrilled as was I because as a party host I also benefited financially!

Lastly, I worked with Kristin, Tran and Precious Metal Events to host a fundraiser at my children’s school. It turned out to be one of our best fundraisers for the year. It was the easiest money the school had ever earned AND nobody had to come out of pocket (unlike most fundraisers that require buying things). Each parent, friend, and relative that participated in this fundraiser walked away with money and in doing so also gave to the school!!

Precious Metal Events is a wonderful organization. I am constantly seeking out opportunities to work with Kristin and Precious Metal Events and hopefully those of you looking into this opportunity will be fortunate enough to work with this company and earn yourself some extra money!!

Amy Cleghorn
Discovery Bay, CA

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