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I found your readings to be of such great help. For the first time in my life, I felt completely lost. Not knowing which way to turn. Your readings have grounded me and has given me the ability to stand on my own two feet again and the direction to move forward, once again. Thank you so much! Pat
— Pat Bryan, Traverse City

When I met Jennifer my emotions were raw and right at the surface; I was struggling with guilt and with the death of my twin flame two years earlier. Jennifer was a GOD-send. Through the sessions I have had with her, the ethereal clearing classes, the card technique, her encouragement, support and friendship, I have identified and released so many things that were not serving me and that were keeping me stuck in a place I didn’t want to be in. She has given me the tools and the inspiration to create choices in my life to serve who I want to be and what I want to experience in my life. Most significantly I have been able to do so much healing from my loss of Chris. I have been able to release the grief and my identity of being broken that I had so stongly held on to. I am now consciously creating my life – a life I want to live. Thank you Jennifer, for the tools you have given me, for your guidance and support, for making it possible to heal and grow and make real changes in my life – a life that I didn’t even want a few years ago.
Michelle, Traverse City, MI

I did the ethereal clearing a year ago with Jennifer. I knew when I had heard what it was about that this was the next step in my evolution. I watched the secret and I did the spiritual work, but my life was still not really moving. The same stuff was coming up that I thought I had already cleared. I was totally frustrated. Then I learned that I was still running on old program choices, perceptions, and identifications I had made as a child. Now after clearing those choices I am seeing and feeling change in my life I did not think possible. Then came the soul merge. You can’t get better change than that. The most important thing through all of this clearing is that I realized that I was way too hard on myself and that was definitely old energy. Thanks Jennifer. You are truly appreciated.
Julie Leiter, Traverse City Michigan

It has been quite some time since I have gone through hypnotherapy with Jennifer, and let me tell you, when she talks about “layers” she is not kidding. In the beginning just talking to someone who did not judge me for my horrendous mistake was comforting. Over time, relatively short in the whole scheme of things, I began to feel better about myself and to come to terms as to why the prior events in my life took place. She has a good perspective when it comes to trying to help you understand yourself. Her techniques are not the traditional kind. I barely knew Jennifer when I called her for help, and to this day I am so glad that I called her. I continue to uncover new “layers” in my life, and I use many of the techniques Jennifer taught me. The techniques Jennifer teaches you are life changing. For those who are new to spiritual journeys or those who have been traveling for a long time, I recommend you contact Jennifer. Over the last couple of years I have paid close attention to events in my life and they continue to get better every day!

Marianne, S.E. Michigan

I have worked with Jennifer for over two years. Before I met Jennifer I was struggling in many aspects of my life from relationships, and repeating patterns to finances. Most people might think that not all things in your life can be tied together like relationships and finances. I am here to tell you that they are, and working with Jennifer one on one as well as using the tools and information she has put together will help you unravel things that might seem to be helpless. I now live a life that is so much more joyfull and balanced. This has been and continues to be an amazing experience.

I had been frustrated and feeling stuck in life, not knowing why I was unhappy and not moving forward. Enter Jennifer whom I was referred to by a stranger! Hypnosis and Ethereal Clearing have had a transformational impact on my levels of self awareness and how I relate to others. This change has moved me to a new level of awareness providing an uplifting in my emotions and a freedom I had never known before. This changed my thought patterns & beliefs that tell me that I have healed and grown from deep within. This shift opened the door for further inner work and more peacefulness! All of this was done by helping me use my own inner resources. I am so grateful!
Jody Friedman, Michigan

I just wanted to thank you again for the Soul Balancing session we had yesterday. Once our session was over I was exhausted, so I could tell that there were big changes going on in my body/soul. And after one day I am amazed at what a difference I am feeling! I feel lighter, more carefree, and yet more grounded. I am so thankful that you were available to lead me through the Soul Balancing. You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do.
Sheri Novak
Sheri Novak, Michigan

What a blessing Jennifer has been in my life. Before we even met I knew that I was needing to walk through some changes in my life, and prayed to God for a physical guide to help me through those changes. I soon met Jennifer…She is an incredible person. She helped me each step of the way as I made the changes that I needed, providing me with friendship, guidance, and inspiration through human knowledge, intuitive readings, and hypnosis . The gift and freedom that she gave me was priceless. Thank you Jennifer for all that you do and continue to do with much love and appreciation. Mary
Mary Christiansen

Thank you for your light energy and all you have taught me. You have been the key to get my life of empowerment kicked into high gear. I have read many authors through the years and I have never seen anything so powerful and efficient as the work that you do. I love the fact that you guided me so that I can do it myself and that is so liberating. It is just what I needed when I needed it and I thank you.
Denise, Traverse City

I saw Jennifer at a psychic fair and I was blown away at how accurate she was. I am married to my husband and she told me about that even. I still think to this day how surprised I was at all the correct things she said but happily surprised that is!
Jacqueline, Michigan

When thinking about what the Ethereal Clearing/Soul Balancing class has done for me the words “peace & tranquility” comes to mind. The card technique has proven to be extremely effective in making small or big decisions as well as guidance. Healing is another word that describes the outcome of this class. Letting go of old ideas, thoughts and perceptions that do not serve us and do not allow us to achieve our life’s true desires. Free..from the chains that bind me….Jennifer’s ongoing support provides inspiration and the assistance to continue forward. I am a very different person in many ways spiritual and emotionally since I took this class and ALL for the better.
Carolyn Denny, Interlochen

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