Research the Country

Research the Country’s Customs and Cultures

Make sure that you thoroughly research the culture, political climate, weather, and customs of whatever ” you ultimately choose.  Keep in mind that many popular medical tourism destinations are in developing countries, and thus, they often have less infrastructure and fewer conveniences.  Some medical tourists are not always prepared to cope with the culture shock that they sometimes experience when they travel abroad for the first time.  Fortunately, some (but not all) medical facilities provide escort services that pick you up at the airport and hold your hand during the entire duration of your stay.  We also feature a number of reputable medical tourism agencies that can help you set up your health vacation from start to finish, including “, “, “, and procedures., the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), “, and your ” are all great resources for fact-finding.  But keep in mind that some things (like political climate or weather) can change rather quickly.  So even after your initial research, make sure you stay on top of any changing developments.  The US Department of State’s ” is fairly comprehensive and can provide up-to-date ” and statistical information on a broad range of issues in many different “.  Even if you’re not American, the US Department of State is an excellent resource.  But chances are, your home country will also have similar services geared towards travelers and expats.

We provide some background on major “, but be sure to supplement our information with research you dig up from other sources.  In this way, you can develop as accurate a picture as possible.

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